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The Annual Conference and Industry Equipment Exhibition of the Society will be held at the:


University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in TOOWOOMBA, QLD

during Sugar Week (Tuesday 30 April 2019 to Friday 3 May 2019)

Theme: Broadening our Horizons


The 2019 Conference offers a unique opportunity to “broaden our horizons”!  We will be:

ü Stepping out of the usual Qld/NSW coastal sugar belt!

ü Seeing and hearing about aspects of agriculture and manufacturing that we may not have experienced previously!

ü Learning and experiencing our conference activities in novel ways!

ü Interacting and networking with colleagues and new contacts in surroundings that are conducive to exploring possibilities and seeking new solutions!

ü Celebrating “sugarcane” and adding to our vision of a vibrant industry!

We will do this by:

ü  Progressing the evolution of the ASSCT Conference, Sugar Tuesday and other activities into Sugar Week!

ü  Having a conference program that spans three full days (Tuesday to Thursday), with attendees having an option to attend field and manufacturing trips during the morning of Friday 3 May.

ü  Integrating and scheduling Sugar Week activities so that attendees can be involved each day in different sessions and events within a new conference format!

ü  Directly linking the Industry Equipment Exhibition to the conference activities by facilitating short, sharp and fact-filled presentations by exhibitors and other industry participants in dedicated daily sessions.

ü  Delivering typical daily programs (Tuesday to Thursday) consisting of specific sessions that include:

o   Short presentations by equipment exhibitors (as mentioned above) before morning tea (not on the Tuesday).

o   Technical presentations by technologists, researchers and extension specialists (morning tea until lunch).

o   Presentations on innovations by growers, millers and others (non-peer reviewed contributions, similar to those previously presented at Sugar Tuesday) and poster abstracts (after lunch).

o   Invited speakers; and workshop and facilitated discussion opportunities (from afternoon tea onward).

ü  Starting the conference with a short welcome on the Tuesday morning followed by the typical daily program. Guest speakers will be included in the late afternoon sessions. A “Welcome Function” will be held on the Tuesday evening immediately after guest speaker presentations.

ü  Mingling and chatting amongst the Industry Equipment Exhibition during “Happy Hour” on the Wednesday evening.

ü  Ending the conference on the Thursday night with a Gala Dinner that will include presentation of awards and bursaries, and the closing ceremony.

You should note that:

ü  Tuesday will commence at 9:00 am. Registration will be open from 7:30 am.

ü  Apart from a range of hotels and motels in reasonable distance from the USQ Toowoomba Campus, on-campus in-college accommodation will be available. Details will be made available to those who are interested in this option. Those choosing to stay at USQ will need to register at the College Office on the Monday prior to 4:00 pm or during office hours on the Tuesday. These facilities are competitively priced with two single rooms sharing a ‘bathroom’ (shower, toilet and washbasin).

ü  The half-day optional field trips (on Friday 3 May) will be held in and around Toowoomba. They will showcase on-campus developments and locally-based agricultural and manufacturing innovations relevant to the sugar industry.

ü  A call for papers and posters will follow soon. In line with the conference theme, submissions should demonstrate relevance to the sugar industry through impacts on:

o   Optimal use of resources,

o   Productivity and profitability,

o   Problem-solving, and/or

o   Our people.

ü  We will be identifying and inviting guest speakers who can provide insights on the above or related topics that will stimulate our thought processes.

ü  We especially encourage practical grower and mill-based papers that highlight achievements in the adoption of innovative practices that are resulting in positive changes on farms and in factories. Ideally, these papers should be written by combinations of growers, mill staff, scientists and extension officers.

ü  Five types of papers will be considered:

o   Peer-reviewed papers – detailed information published, and a 15-minute oral presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and comments.

o   Short papers – new work published in outline without full disclosure of information, and a 10-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and comments.

o   Extended abstracts – information or work related to sugar technology but either published elsewhere or outside of the scope of the conference, and a 10-minute oral presentations followed by 5 minutes for questions and comments.

o   Posters – published abstract, a 5-minute oral presentation and attendance at a relevant poster-viewing session.

o   Presentations by industry equipment exhibitors – non-peer reviewed published extended abstract of a case study/studies showing the benefits of new product(s), service(s) and/or technology, and a 10-minute oral presentation.

Put Sugar Week 2019 in your calendar now - we think it will be worth it!

See you in Toowoomba!