Sugar Tuesday - Agriculture session

Sugar Tuesday (ST) aims to provide a more hands-on, close up look at new and developing technologies with potential application in the sugarcane industry.

New technologies to be explored include variety assessment using drones / other drone applications in sugarcane, driverless machinery, the latest developments in other agricultural machinery and a presentation on new technology in another relevant industry.

Download Agricultural session agenda here.

Download Sugar Tuesday - Growers flyer here.

Sugar Tuesday - Manufacturing session

The factory aspect of Sugar Tuesday is taking shape and is looking very promising. The subject discussions are sure to be very relevant to both the 2018 theme and the sugar industry. The themes are very significant to the future viability of the industry, very timely and will prove to be interesting.  

Topics will be along the lines of:

1. Platform revolution and how it may apply to the sugar industry.
2. Innovative opportunities for the sugar industry.
3. Internet of things (IOT) and how it may apply to the sugar industry.
4. Energy opportunities in the sugar industry.  
    * What are the price signals looking like into the future? 
    * Impact of solar and wind on power prices. 
    * Interaction with Government support mechanisms.  
    * Current and future projects happening in the Australian sugar industry.  
    * Fast response to electricity price signals.
      • Large new technology batteries and their application in the sugar industry
         - Presentation by Thyssenkrupp
      • Potential for diesel generation.  

Download Manufacturing session agenda here.

Expert guest speakers for each topic will present and then each session will move fairly quickly into an open forum discussion with shared learnings. Speakers have been organised from within and external to the sugar industry. The themes are synergistic and it is expected there will be plenty of interconnection between themes. There will be a report back to the main conference on the key outcomes from sugar Tuesday discussions. There will also be a focus on recent graduate participation, supported by the ASSCT.

This year Sugar Tuesday will be held in the 500 Pavilion at the Mackay Showgrounds, (Milton Street, Mackay) on Tuesday, 17th April.

Catering will be provided with a mid-afternoon finish.

For ASSCT Conference Delegates, Sugar Tuesday is included in the conference registration fee.

Non-conference Delegates are welcome to attend Sugar Tuesday events but should email ASSCT at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for catering reasons. Please specify your name, contact # and number of attendees.