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Norman Bennett Engineering Award - Tertiary Level

Selection criteria
The quality of a paper submitted for Conference, based either on the thesis work of a University student, who is the senior author, or on the work done by a recent graduate (of < five years) employed in the sugar industry in an engineering field. In the case of the student, he/she should be a recent graduate, PhD student, or current undergraduate who has carried out a thesis on an engineering-based or process-based topic of relevance to the sugar industry.

Selection made by
After a review of eligible papers by the Secretary and Manufacturing Section members of the Publications Committee, consultation is then made with the Chairman and Secretary of the Manufacturing Section for final selection.

Selection has to be done by the second day of Conference in order to allow time for engraving the presentation plaque and for advising the successful candidate.

An engraved plaque & $400.00, or as determined by the ASSCT Executive.

2018 Norman Bennett Engineering Award was awarded to:

Cole Claxton, who was the senior author for the paper titled:  Influence of ethanol and sulphite dosing on oxygen scavenging in sugar mill boiler feedwater.