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It is proposed that the Exhibition will open on Tuesday 21 April, with the official opening on Wednesday at morning tea and close after afternoon tea on Thursday 23 April 2020.

Suppliers’ Presentations are again included in the Conference Program to allow Industry Equipment Exhibitors to demonstrate the benefits to the sugar industry of new services, products or equipment.  Each presentation should present at least one case study that shows realised or potential benefits.  All Manufacturing & Suppliers Presentations will be held on stage in the Exhibition Hall on Thursday 23 April.  More information is available here on the requirements for the Suppliers’ Case Studies. All final case studies should be in the hands of the editor no later than 7 February 2020.

Morning and afternoon tea and coffee will be provided in the Exhibition during breaks in Conference sessions. Lunch will be provided to Conference delegates as part of the Registration Fee and will be served in the Industry Equipment Exhibition. One Free Conference Registration is provided to each occupier of a booth at the Industry Equipment Exhibition.

Conference delegates represent a broad cross-section of the sugar industry and include factory personnel (managers, engineers and chemists), field personnel (cane inspectors, transport staff and cane growers), research workers and overseas visitors. Agricultural suppliers should note that approximately half of those attending Conference belong to the agricultural section. Mill personnel not attending Conference will be offered opportunities to see the display.

It is important that Exhibitors reserve their space with an early application. Preference will be given to early applications and late applications may not necessarily be successful.

Two size booths will be available for the 2020 Industry Equipment Exhibition. Cost per 3m x 3m booth will be $3 000 and 3m x 2m booth will be $2 800 which includes one Supporting membership for the ASSCT.

Applications are valid only if accompanied by a deposit of $300. All costs are GST inclusive. Application Form and Terms and Conditions information is available here.

The ASSCT Executive discourages any function held away from the Conference Centre during business sessions and official Conference activities.

For more information, contact:

Mal Brown
Corporate AV
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Sonia Head                                                  
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 07 4954 3956       


Response to 2019 Industry Equipment Exhibition Feedback

Thank you for your feedback from the 2019 ASSCT Conference. We have endeavoured to address your concerns to ensure the 2020 ASSCT Conference is a mutually beneficial experience and to ensure that value is added to your business. The key considerations and changes we have made as a direct result of your feedback include;

- Layout
o Innovative layout design to encourage movement of delegates through booths
o Multiple meal service tables within Industry Equipment Exhibition Hall

- Location
o Three separate milling companies operate in the Bundaberg/Isis/Maryborough region

- Attendance
o Industry Equipment Exhibition open for Sugar Tuesday, with the focus of the day being aimed towards growers, mill staff and harvesting contractors
o Industry Equipment Exhibition open at times to other agricultural industries and the general public

- Trade Presentations
o Exhibitors will have the opportunity to make a short presentation as part of the conference proceedings. Instructions are here: https://www.assct.com.au/images/pdf/CALL_FOR_PAPERS/2020/DETAILS-Call_for_papers_2020.pdf

o For the whole day Thursday, all engineering presentations will be held in the Industry Equipment Exhibition Hall. This will ensure maximum networking opportunities with engineering delegates and enable exhibitors to listen to talks.

- New Ideas
o Live streaming of engineering presentations through to the Exhibition Hall on the LED screen
o Opportunity to advertise on the LED screen during the conference
o Hipster coffee lounge set up at the centre of the Exhibition Hall to allow for mini-meetings, encourage people to spend time in trade hall and bring them in from the corridors, make the trade display the ‘place to be’
o Sugar Tuesday focus on the future, product diversification, new markets
o Different coloured lanyards to differentiate delegates from exhibitors