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For interested delegates, there will be manufacturing and agricultural tours on the Friday 24th April.

The Manufacturing tour will visit Bundaberg Sugar Ltd, Bingera Sugar Factory. Bingera Sugar Mill recently upgraded their Evaporator Station during 2016 to 2018 with a replacement of their No.4 and No.5 Evaporators with a new 1,500sq.m No.5 ‘Roberts’ Evaporator and a new 4,000sq.m No.1 Evaporator. The new No.1 Evaporator is a tubed Falling Film (FFT) Evaporator and is the first of this design to be installed in Australia. Bingera also have a very rare 1942 Ruston Lincoln diesel engine, 5 cylinder, 300hp at 333rpm which will be started for the benefit of the visitors. The visit to Bingera Mill will conclude with a barbeque lunch kindly provided by Bingera Mill prior to the return trip to Bundaberg Multiplex Centre.

The Agricultural tour will give delegates the opportunity to visit the Canetec factory, Bundaberg Sugar’s Fairymead Farm and Sugar Research Australia’s new research station.
Canetec is a Bundaberg based, Australian owned company that manufactures a range of sugarcane harvesters for the domestic and overseas markets. Their machines are all designed to meet specific market requirements and are built by a local team of dedicated tradespeople. The tour of the Canetec site will give delegates the opportunity to tour the factory floor to see various components being manufactured, machines being assembled as well as completed machines on display.