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ASSCT is the premier society for technical interchange within the Australian sugar industry, and has had a long history of excellence in standards and technical support. It currently has five classes of membership.

Individual technologists normally first join as Associate Members, which gives them the rights and privileges of the Society, enables them to participate in Conferences and to access publications of the Society on this web page. For their first year of membership access is restricted as per application. When they contribute to a paper accepted for Conference, they would be eligible for Full Membership, and have certain other voting rights and privileges.

Retired members are those members who have been members of the society for at least 15 years and who are now retired and not in active employment. Retired members retain their previous standing as full or associate members of the society.

Life Membership is an honour directly bestowed by the ASSCT Executive to a very limited number of distinguished members.

Overseas members are Associate Members who reside in countries other than Australia. Their privileges are the same as Associate members, but their dues are set higher to compensate for the extra communication costs.

Supporting members are members nominated as a group by a Corporate entity.

Full details of the membership categories, fees and privileges are available elsewhere on this web site.