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The Awardees for the 2018 ASSCT Conference are as follows:

President’s medal for the best Research Paper: Rob Magarey, Kathy Braithwaite, Lastus Kuniata, Nicole Thompson, Kaile Korowi, Peter Samson, Leka Tom, Nader Sallam, Lisa Derby for their paper titled:  Biosecurity research in PNG: 2015–2017
The President's medal for the best Industry Paper this year goes to: Stephen Crouther, Danny Ferraris, Brendan Rich for their paper titled:  The use of simulation for design and implementation of a pan station control system

The best poster paper in the Agricultural section goes to: Matt Kealley, Mike Quirk, Burn Ashburner for their poster:  A nitrogen roadmap—better alignment of N inputs to crop requirements
The best poster paper in the Manufacturing section goes to: Tim Diringer, Bjarne Christian Nielsen for their poster:  Optimising the performance of continuous centrifugals by online monitoring of the sugar colour
Rod Rookwood Design Award - Donated by NQEA. The award is to:  Scott Simson, Alex Lautenschlager, Roy Flanders for their paper titled:  BK49 improved sugar cane wagon coupling.  The recipients received a plaque and a $500 cheque.
Paul Quagliata Engineering Award - Donated by SEW-Eurodrive - TAFE level. The award is to:  Michael Ferraris, Wilmar Sugar. This bursary was donated by SEW Eurodrive and included a plaque, a $250 cheque and a trip to SEW’s Engineering works in Melbourne to experience the scope of the facilities.
Norman Bennett Engineering Award ‐ Tertiary Level: The award is to: Cole Claxton, who was the senior author for the paper titled:  Influence of ethanol and sulphite dosing on oxygen scavenging in sugar mill boiler feedwater.  The recipient received a plaque and a $400 cheque.
Denis Foster Chemistry Award - Tertiary level. The award is to: Giles Bezzina, who was the senior author for the paper titled:  The influence of gas velocity and fibre density on the drying kinetics of bagasse.  The recipient received a plaque and a $400 cheque.
Appointed Life Members at this Conference:  Rob Magarey
Members and delegates (which includes day registrations) 381
Partners         16